Practical ways to ensure your ENT health

  1. Clean your nose frequently: Cotton buds and salt water are basic yet powerful to clean and washing your nostrils.
  2. Keep away from dusty rooms: Residue can trigger hypersensitivities and bothersome sensation in the nose.
  3. Maintain a strategic distance from smoke: The presentation to cigarette may prompt the amassing of bodily fluid in the respiratory channel.
  4. Try not to pluck your nose hair: If you feel awkward with your nose hair, don’t pluck it, however trim it utilizing a couple of scissors.
  5. Stay away from allergens: Sensitivities can cause awkward side effects like a runny nose or nostril clog so it is critical to know your allergens with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from them.
  6. Maintain a strategic distance from floor coverings: While floor coverings can make a room comfortable and agreeable, they regularly trap dust or pet hair, which may cause sensitivities.ent
  7. Keep away individuals who have flu: Restrain your contact with people who’ve been contaminated with flu.
  8. Utilize nasal shower: Diminish nostril clog by utilizing nasal splash
  9. Wash your hands: Try not to rub your nose with a grimy hand since it might permit germs, microbes and infections to be transmitted into your body.
  10. Limit the utilization of decongestant shower : In spite of the fact that decongestant shower can clear nostril blockage, it can make reliance and lead more genuine medical issues,
  11. Limit the utilization of headphones: Headphones can cause hearing issues.
  12. Abstain from being excessively near a speaker : When going to a gathering or a show, don’t remain too near to the speakers.
  13. Just clean the external parts of your ears :The wax in our ears is there to secure the ears, so don’t get the chance to be too profound when you clean your ear trenches.
  14. Do these when you are in a plane: Bite, yawn, or swallow when your plane is landing, since landing may cause distinctive weights between the air inside and outside the ears, which may prompt an issue called barotitis.


  1. Utilize earplugs: Utilize earplugs or ear covers in the event that you work in a place with noisy commotions.
  2. Keep your ears dry: Pat dry your wet ears with a spotless towel after you shower or swim.
  3. Wear a cap when you ride a bicycle or any comparative exercise: The stun on the ear because of falling when riding or practicing can prompt hearing failure
  4. Contact your specialist if you feel an agony in the ear : If you encounter an agony in the ear or hearing issue, counsel it with your specialist instantly.
  5. Evade very contaminated zone: Air contamination can prompt hack and sore throat. Utilize a cover to keep away from dusty air and the brown haze produced by engine vehicles and processing plants.
  6. Drink enough water: You can shield your throat from disturbance by drinking enough fluid and ensure your body gets eight glasses of water each day.


About the author: Jonathan A. Koch